What's In Your Bag ?

What's In Your Bag ?

Don't you wanna know what's in the glamorous bag ?
It is said that "What people choose to carry with them every day can say a lot about a person. ".
So today I'm going to explore their bags, showing the secrets to you.

1.What's in the bag in working day ?

working bag
Alison's Bag: an Ipad, sunglasses, earphone, watch, notebooks, water bottle.
Casual and so comfortable ⌚. 
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Evelyn's Bag: cellphone, keys, sunscreen, sunglasses, notebooks and pens, wallet and sleeping mask for a sudden date. 
Serious and rigorous 🕶.
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2.What's in the bag on an amazing party ?

party bag
Josephine's Bag: ear rings, magazines, eye drops, make-up and so on.
Be pretty all the time 😊.
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Dating backpack
Natividad's Bag: sunglasses, classic watch, storage bag for earphone, Polaroid, notebooks and passport, some cash.
It's classic and wonderful. 🌹
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3.What's in the bag when traveling ?

travel duffel bag

Daniel's Bag: facial cleanser and tower, sunglasses, notebook for writing, kindle and ipad, umbrella for the changeable weather, spare shoes and some light clothes. 
Really need a roomy bag for traveling, otherwise you might not handle the sudden situation.😮
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pretty toiletry bag
Cathy's Bag : Strongly recommend with this kind of small but roomy toiletry bag for makeup, usually carrying away when traveling. 
Can never ignore a durable toiletry bag.
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4.What's in the bag with lovely kids ?

mommy bag
Karen's Bag: Definitely carry the baby girl 🤩🤩 !!!
Diaper bag has to be roomy and durable for carrying the baby stuff. And choose the pretty one.
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mommy's backpack
Backpack is also a good choice when being with kids. Because hands will be free when we carry a backpack to go. Thus, we have more chance to play with kids, don't we?
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5.What's in the bag when dating ?

Dating Tote
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Wow ! It looks like everything was in her bag when she went out on a date. 😳 Are you the same personality?
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