The history of crazy horse leather bags in United States is as old as the history of United states. Over the centuries, horses, saddles, and other riding paraphernalia were altered by the landscape and the lifestyles of both Spanish and indigenous riders. Accompanied by mariachi music, la charrería is the elaborate and spectacle-driven tradition of horsemanship in Mexico. As a national sport rooted in the everyday demands of ranching, the crafts and techniques of charrería were adopted and modified by Americans in the 19th century. 

We love the crazy horse bags, it's our Glory. Bags made of crazy horse leather have a vintage and rugged look that is not only durable, but also has a unique character that gets charming with time and usage. With the development of the times, the raw materials used to make bags have also been greatly enriched and developed, such as PU leather, vegan leather. However, people's enthusiasm for real leather has never changed, especially the top leather - Crazy Horse Leather.

Every time when  I see a bag made of crazy horse leather, I think of western cowboys. They sat on horseback and looked into the distance, their eyes fixed, as if judging the current situation. It didn't bother him, he made a quick judgement and took his herd across the rough hills. There is no other kind of bag that can bring people a kind of spiritual shock like a crazy horse leather bag. That's the charm of the Crazy Horse Leather Tote and Crazy Horse Backpack at work and in life. It doesn't have a flashy exterior, but its toughness and sturdiness are unforgettable. Crazy horse leather bags belong to all of us.

Cheers for the glory of the USA, cheers for all crazy horse leather bag lovers, cheers for us, too. Happy Independent Day, glory belongs to all of us! SHOP ALL PRODUCTS WITH 30% OFF from 25 June to 5 July.


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