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How to get my commission as soon as possible?

Hi, today we'll give you a detailed introduction about how to get your affiliate commission.
You may have joined the affiliate, but have not yet started marketing. Or you may know something about our affiliate, however, they are worried about its authenticity.


You don't have to pay any charge, just fill in the basic information to register as our affiliate partner.

Clinck here: Create My Account

Once you've joined the affiliate, you could choose the product which you want to recommend in our store, then copy the link and set up your own exclusive discount code to share on any social platform, website or blog. You could edit your own referral link and referral coupon code.

There are no additional conditions and you don't need to reach a fixed amount or quantity of recommending. If you got successful referral order, even if $1 commission, we'll pay for you within 3-7 business days (after confirming your PayPal email address).


These are the records of our transfers to affiliaters who have recommended success.

You could see the details of sales & payments on your affiliate homepage.

If you want to get your commission as soon as possible, don't forget to left your PayPal email address!