s-zone is an American brand founded in 2011. February 14, 2022, is the 12th Valentine's Day that s-zone spends with her users. We are very happy that you choose s-zone, and s-zone has always insisted on using the best materials to make the best bags. We hope our bag can accompany you when you go to work, go shopping or travel.

Valentine's Day is a warm day, but also a day to express love to your lover, and warm company with them. On this special day, nothing could be more happy than opening the mystery box together with your loved one and seeing the smile light up her or his face. A little surprise and a little fun, and a warm accompaniment, that's what we want. We set up 4 blind boxes, the price of each blind box is $19.99, $49.99, $69.99, $89.99. There are 6 different bags in each blind box, you just need to choose the type and color of bags you want, such as the red tote bag, and we will send you the bag randomly. You could check all the bags in product DETAILS.Funny it is, you might get a good value bag. For example, the blind box of $89.99, you may be able to take home a Bucket Tote Bag worth $115.00 for only $89.99.
Are you looking forward to it?

In addition to the blind box, we also brought you new products this season. Here are tote bags, full leather duffel, backpack and stylish cell phone purse. All new products are 25% off Valentine's Day special discount. No coupon needed, Enjoy 25% OFF automatically at checkout.

This Valentine's Day, meet s-zone, and fall in love with s-zone bags. We wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day, and may everyone have a s-zone bag accompany you in work and daily life.

Expired Time: 21 Jan, 2022 ~ 20 Feb, 2022

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