Fashionable purse for working & dating

Fashionable purse for working & dating

Are you looking for a laptop tote bag that is not only fashionable for dating, but also formal for work? Have you noticed our latest new arrival? This S-ZONE Women Leather Laptop Tote may be the correct choice for you.

laptop leather tote

Why is it the best choice? What is the reason why you have not made up your mind to buy? What else do you want to know about it? I've collected some questions about this tote and answered them, so if you're wondering, read on with me.

Q:Is this tote bag made of real leather?

A: Yes. The tote bag is made of spit cow leather which is a kind of genuine leather.

Q: Could it be a work tote?

A: Yes, this leather tote handbag will be a perfect work tote. It has a laptop compartment, and the main compartment can fit up to 15.6" laptop. Moreover, it is durable and fashionable.

genuine leather tote bag


Q: Will my 14" MacBook Pro fit in the laptop compartment?Is there any padding to protect the laptop?

A: Hi, there. The laptop compartment of this leather laptop tote bag fits for 14 INCH LAPTOP(with thick pad and sticking band) and the main compartment for 15.6 INCH LAPTOP.And there is a padding inside the leather tote bag. Feel free to put your laptop in it.

work and dating handbag


Q: How to clean the leather when it gets dirty?

A:The cowhide leather tote bag is non-washable, so you could just clean it by gently wiping it with a wet towel. And then put the leather tote bag in a cool and dry place.


Q: Does the leather scratch or show marks easily?

A: I'd say no. This leather tote bag is polished with oil max, which makes it look a bit shiny and not easy to scratch.

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