1.Clean immediately

When your crazy horse leather gets stained, use a lightly damp cloth or towel to clean the stain. If it gets wet, use a dry cloth to clean the moisture gently.

It helps if you clean immediately as you don’t want the stain to stay long on it and turn permanent. When water stays long on it, it can leave a stain.

2.Recover the Leather Scratches

leather messenger bag

Use a towel or tissue and dip it in clean water to wipe the scratch.

leather tote

Gently blow the scratched area with a hair-dryer for 30 seconds.

leather shoulder bag

The scratches have disappeared and recovered to original state.

3.Don’t use chemical-based cleaners

What sets crazy horse leather apart is the special wax applied to it. This wax is a natural substance that works on the fiber of the leather. If you feel the need to remove a stain, chemical-based cleaners can weaken the wax and damage the leather. Instead, use a soft cloth, warm water, and mild hand soap to remove the stain.

4.Use leather creams or conditioners

As much as the marks and scratches on a crazy horse leather tell both the history of the leather and its use, not everyone likes them. If you want to make your crazy horse leather look as good as new, apply a leather balm or conditioner to it.

To be sure you’re doing it right, you should learn how to condition your leather.

5.The Crazy Horse Leather for You

The highest quality leather bags, shoes, wallets, and belts are made of crazy horse leather. It is the most expensive leather in the market as it is hand-made and not processed with chemicals. If used with care, a crazy horse leather product will still be strong and firm, even after 20 years.

Tips of Maintenance

- Keep away from water, fire, oil

- Wipe in time and dry in ventilation placed if it gets water or oil

- Clean with soft brush or towel, if it gets dirty

- The material may has a little natural leather smell, but it will be disappear after you put it in a ventilated places for a few days

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